About Water Worx

Matt Stenanski started as a diesel mechanic in the US MarinesWater Worx Services was started in 2012 by Matt Stefanski. However, Matt wasn’t always a plumber. He started out as a diesel mechanic in the Unites States Marines.

After 4 years of service, Matt left the Marines and started to look for his new profession. When asked why he chose plumbing, he said that plumbing is a good mix between indoor work and outdoor work. Matt likes to get dirty, which is good because some plumbing jobs can get a little messy. He also loves being able to fix people’s plumbing problems.

Matt has been married to his wife, Heather, for seven years and they have two young children. He likes fishing and loves sports. While he likes many teams, his wife has told him he has to be a fan of Appalachian State because she went there